DGTMB (Daging Tumbuh)
Daging Tumbuh (dgtmb) was for the first time introduced to the public as an undergroud
comic. Initiated, developed, and brought up by Eko Nugroho, its first edition was
published on June, 2000. Through the concept of encountering-mainstreams which were
massively acquiesced, the dgtmb implemented an open contribution system: whoever may
participate and express whatever, forgoing any selection yet curation processes. As an
independent media, the dgtmb was vended throughout independent market linkages as
well: from hand-to-hand dealings.

The dgtmb, released once every six month, had always been expelled in photocopy

In year 2004, as ideas keep on growing vigorously, Eko Nugroho produced a series of
T-shirts which were self silk-screened and limitedly distributed. This expansion of the
dgtmb as if answering those demands of addressees wanting the side-products, which has
been thriving since year 2002. Unlocking chance to team-work learning and good
responses from the public triggered our intention to seriously managing the ideas of
merchandise-producing. In year 2008, Eko Nugroho unbolted the public access into
various forms of the dagingtumbuh merchandises, through the dgtmb store. As a starting
point, the dgtmb merchandise is now adapting works of Eko Nugroho. In future,
expectantly all works ever published in the dagingtumbuh comics will be adapted into

For purchase our merchandise please go to Daging Tumbuh shop